1. exim4 install
  2. exim4 config
  3. set emails /etc/email-addresses
  4. smtp login config
  5. restart exim4 service
  6. send email via mail

1) install exim4

apt-get install exim4

2) configure exim4

dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config

- smarthost, no local mail (send mail via SMTP but do not receive mail)
- System mail name: beaglebone
- Other destinations: beaglebone
- Visible domain name: beaglebone
- IP-address or hostname outgoing smarthost:
- mail recipient: mail(at)

3) set valid email for user/root (FQDN)

nano /etc/email-addresses

Add to file:

root: mail(at)
debian: mail(at)

4) configure smtp-login

nano /etc/exim4/passwd.client

Add to file:

5) restart exim4

service exim4 stop
service exim4 start

6) send email

mail -v -s "Text" mail(at)

Enter some text and press
(ctrl-D) at the beginning of a new line

the email is now sent and will be received by the recipient !

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