Pcb Milling

Settings for PCB GCode to generate a NC file to mill the PCB in ONE PASS ONLY:

Default: 0.001 mm
Maximum: 0.0001 mm
Step: 0.001 mm
Etching Tool Size: 0.4 mm

The "Default" value is added to the half the tool diameter (0.5*Etching Tool Size), this summation gives the resulting tool path for the mill. To generate a 1 pass milling file, it is good enough to set Default > Maximum. This runs the pathes only once (1 PASS).

The rack-file for the drill tools (pcb_drill.drl):

tool    drill_size    minimum    maximum    length
T01    0.80mm    0.000mm    5.0mm    5.0mm

The entries are seperated by "TABS" !
The above drill-file covers all drill-sizes from 0.000mm up to 5.0mm with only one drill-tool - the 0.8mm tool.
If drill-tools with different diameter shall be used, more tools (T02, T03…) can be added with seperate min/max diameter-ranges.

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