Serial Port

'''Programming Sources and Test Commands'''
Serial Port Null Modem Test on Command Line

  • You need 2 computers with serial ports to quickly test the serial data transmission.
  • Connect the computers via a nullmodem cable (RX and TX is crossed)
  • Make sure that the "/dev/ttyS0" device allows the user to read and write !
  • On the receiving computer type in at the command line (ttyS0 is equal to COM1)

user:~$ read TESTMSG < /dev/ttyS0
and wait …

  • On the transmitting computer type in at the command line

user:~$ echo 0023testmessage2323 > /dev/ttyS0
the message is sent to the receiving computer

  • On the receiving computer the command line prompt should show up again, because the message was received, and read the message with

user:~$ echo $TESTMSG

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