Welcome to HWE-Wiki

This wiki serves as my personal notebook for any kinds of tips, tricks and technical solutions - Computer, Software, Hardware, etc. - which I want to have available on the internet !

Debian GNU/Linux

*T530 with Debian GNU/Linux
*Samsung SCX-4200 with Debian GNU/Linux
*APT-Pinning for Debian GNU/Linux
*SiS671 drivers in Debian GNU/Linux
*Esprimo V5535 Touchpad doubleclick
*ParPort Scanner setup and config
*TV Card setup and config
*Serial Port programming
*Tips 'n Trixx for Debian GNU/Linux
*XFCE4 setup and config
*Atmel AVR toolchain for Debian GNU/Linux
*Scilab bugfix for JAVA environment
*Wine WINdows Emulator for Debian GNU/Linux
*Agilent ADS 64Bit in Debian GNU/Linux arch:amd64
*Agilent Momentum notebook
*Ansoft HFSS notebook
*Matlab 64 Bit in Debian GNU/Linux
*SD-Card file/photo recovery in Debian GNU/Linux
*QUCS in Debian GNU/Linux
*Samsung Galaxy S4 in Debian GNU/Linux
*STM32F4 toolchain in Debian GNU/Linux
*UT61E Multimeter with sigrok in Debian GNU/Linux
*FLASH for Iceweasel in Debian GNU/Linux
*GPIB for in Debian GNU/Linux
*Brother DCP-7055W in Debian GNU/Linux
*Debian Wheezy to Jessie upgrade problems
*Debian Jessie bootlog with systemd
*CIFS unmount before shutdown in systemd
*ArchLinux install
*Logitech Bluetooth Headphone install
*Debian Lenny in VirtualBox
*Fix for USB-HDD large data writes causing freeze
*Debian Jessie to Stretch upgrade problems
*Debian XFCE4 change language
*Debian XFCE4 backlight control

Beaglebone Black / Raspi

*Email via exim4
*USB-Cam via motion
*Update IP via cron and email
*Backup SD card and restore
*WLAN enable
*Timezone selection
*Automount CIFS after WLAN is connected


*RF Design Tools, Calculations and Rules of thumb
*gEDA the GNU electronic design automation environment
*CEM Computational Electro magnetics
*Edynamics notes and summaries

*AVR gcc one page sheet
*AVR webserver - IsaCtrl project
*AVR webserver - ETH_M32_EX project

Selfmade CNC-Mill

I am running a selfmade 3-axis CNC mill controlled by a selfmade L297/298 stepper motor controller board. The used software is EMC2 from http://www.linuxcnc.org.
*L297/L298 stepper motor controller
*PCB milling with Eagle PCB-GCode and the selfmade etching machine



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