WLAN support
requires "firmware-iwlwifi" package

WLAN managed by Network-Manager-Gnome
in "/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf"
change from




System hangs during shutdown
I wrote a short script and named it "umount_<device-name>/sh"

    #script for automatic unmounting of nfs drive on reboot and shutdown
    umount /<mount-point>/<device-name>

That script goes into /etc/init.d

sudo mv <dir>/<"umount_device-name>  /etc/init.d

The command umount /<mount-point>/<device-name> needs to be the appropriate command to unmount the network drive. You can test the command from a Terminal by running it as root (sudo on Debian/Ubuntu) and check that it actually does unmount the device.

A syslink then needs to be made in /etc/rc0.d
The name of the link needs a "K" number adding onto the start. The "K" number sets the priority and needs to definitely be before the network is shut down. I set it to be the first thing to shut down by calling it "K20umount_<device-name>" ("20" is a higher number than any of the existing link names).

sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/umount_<device-name>.sh /etc/rc0.d/K20umount_<device-name>.sh


Disable annyoing system beep during shutdown
1. Install "gnome-alsamixer" and start it
2. Find the "Beep" device and mute it (lowering volume does not help)

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